What is Binance Smart Chain BSC ?

Binance Smart Chain will drive the evolution of decentralized financial services. DeFi interoperability will be improved through cross-chain mechanisms.

What is bETGF ?

bETGF is wrapped bToken…

  1. In your MetaMask, click the menu which is set to “Main Ethereum Network” by default. In the dropdown click “Custom RPC”.
  2. A form will appear, where you need to fill in certain parameters to connect to the Binance Smart Chain network.
  3. Fill in the following parameters:

What’s Snapshot ?

Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy…

Things to do BEFORE the presale launch :

1- Install Metamask extension in your browser OR Metamask app if you are using mobile .

Things to do DURING the presale launch ( 10 Oct — 17 Oct ) :


ETG Finance

ETG Finance is a full rewards ecosystem controlled by government token called ETGF ( DeFi , Yield_Farming ,Staking ) .

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