Can Team & Founders take 0% ?

The simple answer is : Yes .

We decide to make unique and exclusive challenge for our customers & investors by including a rule in presale launch in the next 10 October .

Rule says that our team will take the rest from amount after the end of presale .

How ?

The allocated amount for presale is 30,000 ETGF tokens = 20 % from total supply .

So if the whole amount will be sold team & founders will take 00% from total supply , if not we will take the rest from it .

Very frequent question : Are team core working for free ?

Of course not , we have our strategy to push the whole project to take good places in coinmarketcap DeFi list note that team & founders still have a ratio from ETG tokens and 0 % from ETGP tokens .

But we will push them together by including them into ETGF rewarding ecosystem and we will take advantage of them .

Finally , the amount of ETH will be gotten in presale will be divided in two ratios :
- 75 % will be LOCKED in Uniswap & Balancer as liquidity pool and we will launch a poll in telegram group about Lock period ( every 3 Months , every 6 Months ) .

  • 25 % for developing and auditing the staking and farming smart contracts and the other part for developing new automated exchange similar as Uniswap called E-Swap .

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ETG Finance is a full rewards ecosystem controlled by government token called ETGF ( DeFi , Yield_Farming ,Staking ) .

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