E-Farm product Is LIVE to community for stablecoins

We are excited to let you know that ETGF core developers deployed and audited the farming contract for stablecoins .

This is our 3rd product after E-Stake and E-Vote .

Farming of BUSD , USDT , USDC and DAI 💲 has been tested successfully .

Farm stablecoins and get ETGF rewards .

Rules :
– Minimum to farm 31 $ for every token ( usdt , usdc , busd , dai ) .

– Epoch period 7 days .

– Weekly rewards : owner will put epoch rewards every week and farmers will start racing , whose farm bigger balance will take bigger rewards .

– Farmers can claim rewards & exit farming at anytime .

– Farmers can check their rewards at any time .

– Farmers can ( Exit : Claim and Unfarm All ) at the end of week .

Note :

  • Official launch will be next few days (1st week will be for test )
  • E-Farm for Uniswap liquidity providers (Liquidity mining ) will be the next .

Watch explainer video :

Contract auditing report by an expert agent from Callisto .

Farm Now





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