Launch of E-Stake for ETGF holders

E-stake rewards program contains 4 pools :

USDT , USDC , DAI and ETGF pools .

We created poll in twitter and telegram for members to vote about if we can start with staking ETGF from 1st day of launch , majority voted with Yes .

So we are launching ETGF pool for presale contributors and first supporters of ETGF project .

So when the presale be launched anyone can buy from using metamask , after payments buyers will receive ETGF tokens immediately in their ETH addresses than will be able to stake them in our secured and audited pool and get 7% monthly rewards ( 84% APY ) .

The rule to get 7% monthly rewards is to contribute in presale or to buy ETGF from uniswap in this period ( 10 October to 24 October ) , while the other latecomers after this period will get 3% monthly rewards .

Staking steps are easy and related with etherscan so all transactions will be public and controlled by holders ( Stake / Unstake to get rewards ) using metamask :

Step 1 :

Hold 30 ETGF tokens or more to be able to start .

Step 2 :

Browse our website , than :

  • Connect your metamask wallet
  • Click on Stake button .
  • Choose the amount that you will stake it ( more than 30 ETGF ) .
    Example here I am using 70 ETGF so I write 70 .

Than click Approve and Confirm via metamask ( choose high gas fee for rapide transaction) .

After the Success transaction click on Stake than choose the same amount that you approved before and confirm via metamask .

Staking Steps
Staking Steps

Click Unstake and get your rewards , simple .

Note :

The staking rewards is 7% from 10 October to 24 October .

After this period we will change it to 3% from 25 October .

Change the gas fee every time before you confirm any transaction .

You can Unstake your tokens and get your rewards in anytime you want .




ETG Finance is a full rewards ecosystem controlled by government token called ETGF ( DeFi , Yield_Farming ,Staking ) .

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ETG Finance

ETG Finance

ETG Finance is a full rewards ecosystem controlled by government token called ETGF ( DeFi , Yield_Farming ,Staking ) .

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