Team launch ETGF project on Binance Smart Chain BSC


We are thrilled to announce bETGF our token project at Binance Smart Chain .

Binance Smart Chain will drive the evolution of decentralized financial services. DeFi interoperability will be improved through cross-chain mechanisms.

Better options than Ethereum blockchain :
1- Low gas fees
2- Faster transactions

bETGF is wrapped bToken issued on Binance Smart Chain BSC that will be used to swap between ethereum and binance blockchains for ETGF project .

Smart Contract of bETGF : 0xcc4b456be136b7c80cf4ab7c83215578e49f249a

Decimals : 18 .

bETGF Launching Roadmap :

  • BSC whitepaper has been released .
  • Presale platform Bounce.Finance .
  • Price 1 BNB = 15 bETGF , buy using BNB .
  • Presale amount is 30,000 bETGF .
  • bETGF total supply it will be depends how many ETGF swapped from Ethereum blockchain to Binance Smart chain BSC so bETGF is minted/burned token linked with previous ETGF .
    At the moment ETGF total supply is 120,000 tokens
    & bETGF 30,000 tokens .
  • Presale will start on 5 Dec duration is 15 days and it will be ended immediately when the amount be sold .
  • Softcap : 666 BNB
  • Hardcap : 2000 BNB
  • Listing on PancakeSwap immediately after end of Presale with price X2 .
  • 75% of Funds will be for liquidity at Pancakeswap .
  • 25% of Funds will used for farming at BSC .
  • Presale URL .

How to buy bETGF ?

First set Binance Smart Chain BSC at your metamask from this link ( Method )

Than go to bounce finance ( link to buy will be posted on 5th Dec )

Connect your wallet with BSC and buy bETGF using BNB from here

bETGF Tokens will be received in your wallet immediately .

If you still holding ETGF at Ethereum Blockchain you can waiting the launch of bridge to swap between ETGF & bETGF ( Cross-Chain ) .

ETGF Bridge

ETG Finance is a full rewards ecosystem controlled by government token called ETGF ( DeFi , Yield_Farming ,Staking ) .