Team launch the E-Vote for Community

After E-Stake we are thrilled today to launch E-Vote , EIP created and powered by Snapshot Labs for community members and they will be able to moderate project by voting on the upcoming proposals to continue development of ETGF project .

What’s Snapshot ?

Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy to verify and hard to contest results.

  • Creating a proposal and voting is free no transactions
  • Proposals and votes are just signed messages, stored on IPFS
  • Signatures are easily verifiable online it uses the “eth_sign” format
  • We don’t have any token
  • It’s free to create a space it takes 5min
  • Spaces can have their custom domain name
  • Spaces can have their own skin
  • Fully open source with MIT license
  • We don’t use any tracking or ads in our site
  • Go to
  • Click on “Connect wallet” button in top right corner
  • Connect with wallet provider where you hold relevant token
  • Choose the proposal you want to contribute in it
  • Click on the option you want to vote for
  • Sign the message via your wallet and done

E-Vote has been ended , tested successfully and ready for the community to vote on upcoming proposals .